1. Protect your investment

InfoPrint supplies have been manufactured specifically for InfoPrint printers using the correct toner formula, under strict quality control guidelines to ensure consistency.

These supplies ensure optimum InfoPrint printer performance whilst being safe for you and the environment.

InfoPrint toner is developed and fine tuned to specifically match each type of printer in order to achieve the highest level of quality and reliability making sure your output looks the very best it can.

2. We can still help you

We still carry the whole range of InfoPrint supplies. Although some of the less popular items may have been discontinued we can still provide an original cartridge designed to work in your printer for almost all models, occasionally with a different yield as InfoPrint rationalises its range.

3. Print Cartridge Yield

InfoPrint aims to offer the highest yields for each printer type in each market segment.

Higher yield cartridges mean fewer work interruptions, and is also better for the environment.

The strict manufacturing process has been proven by ISO 19752 or ISO 19798 Test Reports to achieve or exceed the quoted cartridge yield. A study on third party re-manufactured cartridges found InfoPrint cartridges yielding 29% more on average than the third party manufacturers’ cartridges tested.

Return program High Yield cartridges help to reliably reduce your print costs!

4. No risk of Printer Damage

Mismatched toner in a printer will often lead to poor toner transfer and toner fusing. This excess toner builds up on the fuser roll, resulting in fuser contamination and premature fuser failure. The Buyers Laboratory study found 19% of re-manufactured cartridges tested demonstrated early cartridge reliability failures, including excessive toner leakage.

5. Compatible is not Identical

The Buyers Laboratory tests show that a customer “saving” money by using remanufactured cartridges would actually have done the opposite and increased their total printing costs by an average of 34% compared to using InfoPrint branded cartridges. (This is just the cartridge costs and excludes help-desk support, printer downtime, re-printing documents, and the logistics of handling faulty possibly leaking cartridges and trying to claim a refund