Below is the InfoPrint range of consumable products, we still carry the whole range of InfoPrint supplies. Although some of the less popular items may have been discontinued we can still provide an original cartridge designed to work in your printer for almost all models, occasionally with a different yield as InfoPrint rationalises its range.

Production Printer Consumables
Part Number Description
1372459 3900-0W1
Oiler Belt
1372463 3900-0W1/4000/4100 Fuser Oil
1372464 3900-0W1/4000/4100 Fine Filter
1402680 IP60/3160 Toner (6)
1402681 IP60/3160 Developer
1402683 IP60/3160 Cleaning Unit
1402717 IP3000 Toner (6)
1402718 IP3000 Developer (2)
1402727 IP60/3160 Staple Cart Unit Saddle (2)
1402728 IP60/3160 Staple Cart Unit Corner (4)
1402818 IP62 Waste Bottles (8)
1402819 IP4000 Fuser Oil
1402821 IP60/3160 Fuser Unit
1402822 IP4000 Toner (8)
1402823 IP4000 Developer (2)
1402824 IP4000-IS1 MICR Toner (8)
1402825 IP4000-IS1 MICR Dev (2)
1402826 IP3000 Fine Filter
1402833 IP4000 Polyester Toner(8)
17R7655 IP4100 Fuser Oil V5/6
17R7656 IP4100 Oiler Belt V5/6
41U2163 IP2190/2210 Toner (4)
41U2175 IP2190/2210 Staple (20) Cassette
41U2176 IP2190/2210 Staple Refill Staple Type M
41U2235 4247 L-Series Ribbon
44D6079 IP2190/2210 Glue Type A for Perfect Binder
44D6173 IP2190/2210 A4 White Ring Supply 100 sheets (375)
44D6175 IP2190/2210 A4 Black Ring Supply 100 sheets (375)
44D6176 IP2190/2210 A4 White Ring Supply 50 sheets (375)
44D6177 IP2190/2210 A4 Black Ring Supply 50 sheets (375)
44D9837 EMP 156 Toner (6)
44D9838 EMP 156 Developer (2)
44D9839 EMP 156 Fine Filter
44D9840 EMP 156 Web Cleaner (6)
45U3891 6500 Cartridge Ribbon 17K
45U3895 6500 Cart Ribbon (4) HY
45U3897 6500 Cart Ribbon (4) Security 5K
45U5224 IP2000 Toner (2) 3kg
53P6725 IP2060/75/85/2105 Staple Refill H (5) 2090
56Y2100 IP4100 MICR Toner (4)
56Y2101 IP4100 MICR Developer (2)
56Y2500 IP4100 V5 Toner 3.3kg (4)
56Y2501 IP4100 V5 Developer (2)
56Y2700 IP4100 Toner V7 400K (4)
56Y2701 IP4100 Developer V7 (2)
57P1416 IP2085/2105 Toner (4)
57P1883 IP4000 Toner – Green
57P1887 IP4100 V3 Toner (4) (HS2, HD3/4 only)
57P1888 IP4000 V3 Toner (8)Carbonless
57P1892 IP4100/4000 Dev v3 (2) (not 4100 HS1,HD1/2/5/6)
57P2171 IP2000 MICR Toner (2)
57P2249 IP4100 V III Oiler Belt
57P2287 IP70 Plus Toner (6)
57P2288 IP70 Plus Drum Unit
57P2289 IP70 Plus Cleaning Web
69G7306 IP62 Toner Cartridge (6)
69G7313 IP3000 Teflon Belt
69G7314 IP4000/4100 Teflon Belt
69G7316 IP2000 Wire Spool
69G7317 IP2000 Stitch Wire (2)Cassette
69G7370 IP4000/4100 V2 Dev (2) (HS1, HD1/2/5/6 only)
69G7372 IP70 Toner (6)
69G7373 IP70 Drum Unit
69G7374 IP70 Cleaning Unit
69G7377 IP4100 Enhanced Toner (4) (HS1, HD1/2/5/6 only)
69G7379 IP4000 Enhanced Dev (2) (version 2)
Industrial Printer Consumables
Part Number Description
39U2846 4400/6700 Printhead 4″ 203DPI RFID
39U2847 4400/6700 Printhead 4″300DPI RFID
1053685 4247 Ribbon
41U1680 6500 Ultra Cap Ribbon (6)
44D7571 6700 M40 203dpi Printhead
44D7572 6700 M40 305dpi Printhead
44D7578 6700 M40 Wax Ribbon (6) 110mm 4.33″
57P1743 4247 V, X, Z SeriesRibbon
57P2308 6400 i Premium 30Ribbon (6)
69G7318 4400/6700 TTW Ribbons (6) 60mm Wax
69G7319 4400/6700 TTW Ribbon (6) 83mm Wax
69G7320 4400/6700 TTW Ribbons (6) 110mm (4″) Wax
69G7321 4400/6700 TTW Ribbon (6) 130mm Wax
69G7322 4400/6700 TTW Ribbon (6) 152mm (6″) Wax
69G7324 4400/6700 TTW Ribbons (6) 220mm (8″) Wax
Work Group Printer Consumables
Part Number Description
28P1885 IP1145
Staple Refill Sets (3)
28P2010 IP1130/40 Toner HY Return
28P2013 IP1130 Usage Kit H/V
28P2016 IP1130/40/1332/52/72 CRCharge Roll Kit
28P2019 IP1130/40/1332 Staple (3)Carts 1352/54/72/1454/64
28P2420 IP1116 High Yield Return Toner
28P2494 IP1120/25 HY Return Toner
28P2626 IP1140 Usage Kit H/V
28P2628 IP1140 Fuser High Voltage
39V0303 IPC1534/1634/14 Cyan R Toner (3K
39V0304 IPC1534/1634/14 R MagentaToner (3K)
39V0305 IPC1534/1634/14 Yellow R Toner (3K)
39V0306 IPC1534/1634/14 Black R Toner (4K)
39V0311 IPC1534/1634 HYR Cyan (5K)
39V0312 IPC1534/1634 HYR Magenta (5K)
39V0313 IPC1534/1634 HYR Yellow (5K)
39V0314 IPC1534/1634 HYR Black Toner (8K)
39V0384 IPC1534/1634/1614 Waste Toner Bottle
39V0529 IP1540/60/80 30K Toner
39V0530 IP1540/60/80 PC
39V0544 IP1570 21K Return Cart Also for IP1532/52/72
39V0546 IP1570 32K Return Cart
39V0925 IPC1654/1664 HY Magenta 10K
39V0935 IPC1654/1664 HYR Black Toner 10K
39V0937 IPC1654/1664 HYR Magenta Toner 10K
39V0938 IPC1654/1664 HYR Yellow Toner 10K
39V0939 IPC1664 XHYR Black Toner 15K
39V0940 IPC1664 XHYR Cyan Toner 15K
39V0941 IPC1664 XHYR Magenta Toner 15K
39V1626 IPC1634 XHYR Cyan Toner
39V1627 IPC1634 XHYR Magenta Toner
39V1628 IPC1634 XHYR Yellow Toner
39V1635 IPC1534/1634/14 PC
39V1642 IP1612 HYR Toner
39V1644 IP1622 HYR Toner
39V1645 IP1612/22/01/02 PC (Photoconductor)
39V1805 IP1532/52/72 Fuser (220V) 1570
39V1919 IPC1754/64 HYR Black Toner 10K
39V1920 IPC1754/64 HYR Cyan Toner 10K
39V1921 IPC1754/64 HYR Magenta Toner 10K
39V1922 IPC1754/64 HYR Yellow Toner 10K
39V2208 IPC1767 Cyan Toner 24k
39V2209 IPC1767 Magenta Toner 24K
39V2210 IPC1767 Yellow Toner 24K
39V2211 IPC1767 Black Toner 24K
39V2212 IPC1759/69 Cyan Toner 22K
39V2213 IPC1759/69 Magena Cart 22K
39V2214 IPC1759/69 Yellow Cart 22K
39V2215 IPC1759/69 Black Toner 22K
39V2279 IPC1759/67/69 Black PC
39V2280 IPC1759/67/69 Colour PC
39V2281 IPC1759/67/69 Waste Toner Container
39V2314 IPC1654/64 Fuser Unit 220V
39V2318 IPC1654/64 ITU M/Kit (Inc 2nd Transfer Roll)
39V2321 IPC1759/67/69 M/Kit 220V
39V2322 IPC1759/67/69 M/Kit
39V2323 IPC1759/67/69 Staple Booklet (4)
39V2326 IP1570/165 Separator Roll Assembly
39V2331 IP1332/52/72 Transfer Roll Kit
39V2332 IP1000 M20 Pick Pad
39V2360 IPC1759/69 Auto Doc Feeder M/Kit 150K
39V2430 IPC1824/26 XHYR Black Toner 6K
39V2431 IPC1824/26 XHYR Cyan Toner 4K
39V2432 IPC1824/26 XHYR Magenta Toner 4K
39V2433 IPC1824/26 XHYR Yellow Toner 4K
39V2438 IPC1834/54/46 R Cyan Toner 6K
39V2440 IPC1834/54/46 R Yellow Toner 6K
39V2446 IPC1854/56/66 HYR Cyan Toner 10K
39V2447 IPC1854/56/66 HYR Magenta Toner 10K
39V2448 IPC1854/56/66 HYR Yellow Toner 10K
39V2449 IPC1854/56/66 HYR Black Toner 12K
39V2513 IP1832/52/72 HYR Toner 25K
39V2596 IP1570/1650 Pick Up Assemley
39V2597 IP1570/1650 Cushion,White Pressure Pad
39V2599 IP1532/52/72 U Kit (220V) 1570
39V2601 IP1532/52/72 Charge Roll Kit (1570)
39V2602 IP1532/52/72 Transfer Roll Kit (1570)
39V2604 IP1585/1985 U/Kit HV 220V
39V2607 IPC1567 Fuser Kit (220V)
39V2608 IPC1567 Transfer Belt
39V2609 IPC1534 Transfer Belt
39V2614 IP1540/60/80 HV U/Kit
39V2615 M40 Seperator Roll Assembly
39V2616 M40 Pick Roll Assembly
39V2618 IPC1634/1614 Fuser HV 220
39V2620 IPC1634/1614 Transfer Belt
39V2630 IP1226 HV Usage Kit
39V2633 IP1120/1125 Usage Kit High Voltage
39V2635 IP1332/52 U/Kit 220v
39V2637 IPC1334 Cleaning Roller
39V2638 IPC1334 Transfer Roller
39V2641 IP1372 Usage Kit 220V
39V2646 IPC1454/64 HV Fuser Kit 220V
39V2648 IPC1228/1357 Transfer Belt
39V2651 IPC1334 Transfer Unit
39V2695 IPC1834/54/46 PC Unit
39V2697 IP1601/02/12/22 HV M/Kit 220V
39V2699 IPC1834/54/46 Waste Toner Box
39V2700 IP1540/60/80 ADF M/Kit
39V2773 IPC1824/26 Waste Toner 18K
39V2969 IP1850/60/70/80 HYR Toner 25K
39V2971 IP1870/80 XHYR Toner 36K
39V3203 IPC1811/12/22/23High Yield Toner 9K
39V3204 IPC1811/12/22/23HYR Toner 9K
39V3206 IPC1822 XHYR Toner 15K
39V3207 IPC1811/12/22 PC Unit 30K
39V3352 IPC1824/26 Imaging Kit Colour & Black 30K
39V3353 IPC1824/26 Black Imaging Kit 30K
39V3354 IPC1824/26 PC Kit 30K
39V3355 IPC1824/26 Black Dev Unit 30K
39V3356 IPC1824/26 Cyan Dev Unit 30K
39V3357 IPC1824/26 Magenta Dev Unit 30K
39V3358 IPC1824/26 Yello Dev Unit 30K
39V3411 IPC1834/54/46 Transfer Belt M/Kit
39V3413 IPC1834/54/46 230V Fuser M/kit
39V3526 IP1811/12/22 Mt/Kit 220V 120K
39V3589 IP1850/60/70/80ADF M/Kit 220V
39V3591 IP1832/52/72 M/Kit 220V
39V3598 IP1832/52/72 Pick Roll Assembly 300K
39V3599 IP1832/52/72 Charge Roll Assembly 300K
39V3601 IP1832/52/72 Fuser 220V
39V3604 IP1832/52/72 Transfer Roller Assembly
39V3628 IP1985 Toner Cart 35K
39V3629 IP1985 Photoconductor
39V3630 IP1948/68/88 Toner Cart 35K
39V3631 IP1948/68/88 Photoconductor
39V3715 IP1930/40 HYR Toner 9k
39V3717 IP1930/40 XHYR Toner 15k
39V3901 IPC1825/36 XHYR Black Toner 8K
39V3926 IP1823 XHYR Toner 18K
39V4052 IPC2047 XHYR Cyan Toner 20K
39V4053 IPC2047 XHYR Megenta Toner 20K
39V4054 IPC2047 XHYR Yellow Toner 20K
39V4055 IPC2047 XHYR Black Toner 20K
39V4060 IPC2065 HY Cyan Toner7.5K Yield
39V4061 IPC2065 HY MagentaToner 7.5K
39V4062 IPC2065 HY Yellow Toner7.5K
39V4063 IPC2065 HY Toner Black Toner 7.5K
39V4064 IPC2065/2075 CyanImagin Unit 30K
39V4065 IPC2065/2075 MegentaImaging Unit 30K
39V4066 IPC2065/2075 YellowImaging Unit 30K
39V4067 IPC2065/2075 BlackImaging Unit 30K
39V4068 IPC2065/2075 WasteToner Container 30K
39V4150 IPC2047/2057 Waste Toner 50K
39V4360 IPC2057 ADF MaintenenceKit 120K MFP Only!!
39V4363 IPC2047/2057 Fuser Unit220V 150K
39V4364 IPC2047/2057 Maintenance Kit (ITU) 200K
39V4367 IPC2065/2075 Fuser (HV)
39V4368 IPC2065/2075 M/Kit 100K
39V4423 IPC2057 MFP XHYR CyanToner 20K
39V4424 IPC2057 MFP XHYR Megenta Toner 20K
39V4425 IPC2057 MFP XHYRYellow Toner 20K
39V4426 IPC2057 MFP XHYR Black Toner 20K
44D7762 6400 Premuim 2000 Ribbon (12)
53P7582 IP1226 HY Cartridge
53P7707 IP1222 Toner HY Return
53P9372 IPC1220/1354 Waste Toner Bottle (1754/64)
53P9393 IPC1228/1357 Cyan Toner
53P9394 IPC1228/1357 Magenta Toner
53P9395 IPC1228/1357 Yellow
53P9396 IPC1228/1357 Black Toner14k(inc.oil coating roll)
53P9397 IPC1228/1357 Col Dev (CMY)
53P9398 IPC1228/1357/1567 Blk Dev
57P2166 4400/6700 Printhead 8″300 DPI
57P2168 4400/6700 Printhead 6″ 300 DPI
57P2169 4400/6700 Printhead 4″ 203 DPI
57P2170 4400/6700 Printhead 4″300 DPI
75P4051 IPC1354/1454/64 R Black Cartridge 6K
75P4052 IPC1354/1454/64 R Cyan Cartridge 6K
75P4053 IPC1354/1454/64 R Magenta Cartridge 6K
75P4054 IPC1354/1454/64 R Yellow Cartridge
75P4303 IP1332/52/72 Toner HYReturn 21k
75P4686 IP1312 Toner HY Return 6k
75P5427 IPC1334 HY Cyan Cart 6.6K
75P5428 IPC1334 HY Magenta Cart 6.6K
75P5429 IPC1334 HY Yellow Cart 6.6K
75P5430 IPC1334 HY Black Cart 10K
75P5431 IPC1334 Waste Toner Bottle
75P5434 IPC1334 Fuser Unit 220V
75P5474 IPC1334 Cyan Cartridge 3K
75P5475 IPC1334 Magenta Cartridge 3K
75P5476 IPC1334 Yellow Cartridge 3K
75P5520 IP1410 Return Toner 6K
75P5522 IP1410 HY Return Toner 12K
75P5711 IP1512/1412 HY Return Cart 6K
75P5712 IP1512/1412 PC Kit
75P6052 IP1422 HYR Toner
75P6111 IP1145 MFP Toner
75P6872 IPC1567 Cyan Toner (14K)
75P6873 IPC1567 Magenta Toner-14K
75P6874 IPC1567 Yellow Toner(14K)
75P6875 IPC1567 Black Toner (15K)
75P6877 IP1585 Toner Cart
75P6878 IP1585 Photodeveloper
75P6961 IP1532/52/72 HYR Toner
75P6997 IP1585 Staple Refill Sets (3) (IP1540/60/80)