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Wellow Business Services are a trade only IBM Supplies specialist who have been distributing IBM Supplies since 1991.

In 2000 we were appointed as the first Diamond Distributor of IBM Removable Storage Media (RSM) in Europe with most items kept in stock for immediate delivery. Our specialisation allows us to provide expert advice regarding product selection and to stock the entire range of IBM Media including LTO and the enterprise favourite 3592. Our expert knowledge of IBM Media will ensure your customer obtains the best possible product to suit their needs at an affordable price.

Our in-house label production facility allows next day delivery of tapes & labels for IBM libraries saving you & your customers' time & money. We can also provide Labelled & Initialised tapes if required.

IBM has 644 active patents and over 50 years experience in the Storage Industry. IBM has been responsible for most modern storage innovations in addition to developing 3592 & co-developing LTO tape IBM has also demonstrated tape storage at 15 times current densities meaning IBM Media can grow with your customers storage needs in the future. IBM Media is built to exacting standards and is competitively priced. By using Media matched to the drive actually saves money. In these uncertain times customers can be reassured they are dealing with a solid company that is continuing to invest in the future.

We also hold in stock the entire range of InfoPrint Supplies for both high end Production Printers as well as desktop printers, allowing us to support any InfoPrint printer from the 1000 page per minute InfoPrint 4100 to any and all members of the new desktop InfoPrint series. In addition to InfoPrint Laser Printer supplies we stock genuine IBM ribbons, printbands and printheads for their range of Impact and thermal printers.

Our Innovative approach where required and years of expertise in IBM Supplies and logistics allow us to help you deliver a hassle free service to you customers.

Please call or e-mail us now and we can work with you to win more IBM business.

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